Stitch-a-hug month ( Craft Cubed Satellite Project 2018)

Craft= presence+expression+connection= homing .

Stitch- a- hug 20 July to Aug 31 2018.

This project is about slowing down, putting down devices, being mindful of the preciousness of the right now, the people around us, and feeding our souls/ enhancing our lives with creativity and making.   I will spend July/August stitching as many hugs as I can (aiming for 100!) to give to friends and strangers. It’s my way of affirming the importance of making, of using my hands to express myself, anchor myself in time and place, share stories and connect with others.  

Want to join me?

​1. Connect and find out more. Check out the Stitch-a-hug inspirations below.

2. Stitch-a-hug
between now and the end of August 2018.

3. Connect with others to stitch-a-hug and share/post your stitch-a-hug and hug making on social media using 

#stitchahugmonth and #craft2connect

You might also like to add #craftcubed2018 and tag me if you are posting on Instagram with @lennimk1

Stitch-a-hug Inspirations...

Why stitch-a-hug?

Watch this video to find out more about why I want to stitch hugs and why you might like to join me…​


Connect and get in touch

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Inspiration boards: get stitching

Check out these Stitch-a-hug Pinterest boards for curated resources on how to crochet, how to embroider, ways to present your stitch-a-hugs, how to videos et al

Craft to connect inspiration

Here are some links to my favourite resources about craftivism, creativity and well- being, slow movements. Keep an eye on my blog posts over August 2018 for more snippets of inspiration about crafting to connect.

​Betsy Greer’s Craftivist manifesto
Betsy Greer: What is craftivism anyway? 
Craftivist Collective
Badass Cross stitch
Slow movements: slow stitching
Slow stitching movement
Creativity and well being…
Doing something creative can boost your well being ( article) 

What is Craft Cubed?

Find out more about Craft Cubed  2018. Check out what else is on. Get involved!