An unopening (hammer and needle)

An unopening…

Something not open…

Locked down…

Unopen … unhinged…
The same… but not the same
Familiar but not.

The time between what was and what’s next
A liminal space.
Time to rethink…

I have a hammer and a needle…

Force, disperse, reshape, nurture, mend and repair… I think I can.

This work is about…

1) starting with things that are unopen

a scrap
a tangle
a remnant
a fragment
a broken string of…

things that might otherwise be discarded or forgotten or caught in between worthy and worthless

2) the act of making with processes that I love.

Metalwork and sewing anchor me in an otherwise threshold space.

The rules I make up … anchor me…
Only used, nothing new
Recycle, upcycle, repurpose,
Kept and collected, found and gifted…Vintage.

Did I just describe myself?

I am rediscovering what’s precious…

What’s next is unclear … except that I choose to be unopen to returning to the same


Conversations with Anxiety I, II and III

Through making I explore boundaries between self and the world – opportunities to connect memories, emotions, and everyday happenings through making, story and objects.

Positioned somewhere between object, adornment and the performative, these pieces seem out of place with expectations of the form and function of rings. Presented here,disconnected from body- familiar but odd – the sense that anxiety can bring. And when worn?

Conversation 1 ( 20/20 Vulnerability) … tension between vulnerable and awkward, between fragility and strength. Clarity. A physical reminder of ever-present unease and the irritation that anxiety sometimes likes to wear. I wonder, in current “challenging times” who will be brave enough to recognise the signs with compassion and kindness?

Conversation 3 (Incongruent) …components balance – ring upon a ring. Circle /encircle/…a circus even. Moving parts for nervous fiddling. Self – talk. Awareness. Anxiety can sometimes be a superpower!

Conversation 2 (One ring to conceal and reveal) Ludicrous propositions… fight or flight?… concealment/revealment?… with a face that likes to wear my heart on its sleeves and this body? Who am I kidding?

This work will be on exhibition at the Arts Rutherglen , Rutherglen Tastes of Art prize and show 5- 14 March 2021.

The Meaning of Things

Recently I had the opportunity to contribute to this great online exhibition , The Meaning of Things by Craft Victoria.

In The Meaning of Things, Craft presents a vibrant cabinet of curiosities showcasing eclectic objects and artworks from makers’ personal collections. Accompanying stories share a glimpse into each object’s significance.

​Exploring objects as vessels of emotion and meaning, The Meaning of Things presents pieces that are either handcrafted or connected to handmade practice. Objects include treasured pieces, much loved tools, found objects by unknown makers, family heirlooms and gifts from fellow makers!

In case you missed it, haven’t seen it yet , here is the link.