My Precious ( I remember) 2014

My precious (I remember) 2014, is my personal collection of jewels. 

Made from fragments…

words : that have something to do with the sentiments and memories of my relationships with others…

images: photographs, reprinted, repurposed, repeated…

kept and collected objects: stuff I hold onto, sometimes just because I like the way they look and how they make me feel.

Ideas of preciousness in traditional jewellery centre on perceptions of value and worth of materials and the concept of permanence…(diamonds are forever!). 

ut in this collection of jewels the concept of precious is personal.

A locket made out of paper photographs of my mother, stitched together, dipped in wax, text enclosed on the inside. 

Impermanent… like memory… fickle, constantly changeable, variable, fragmented. 

Memory also fluctuates between our desire for permanence (to always remember) and something elusive …something that is not fixed but constantly changeable, as past made present.

A daisy chain representing people who bring bees and goodness into my life. The ones who energise and sustain, bring the bees and goodness into my life and help me to flourish. They are the flowers I pick and weave into chain, wear close to my heart. Fresh flowers, stitched paper photographs,  dipped in wax-  an effort to preserve and protect, to keep the moment unchanged as past made present.

My dad died from mesothelioma.If memory of him were a memento it would be this paper brooch – made from an illustration of lungs, and a cut out paper moth, one of my dad’s fishing lures and text.