…I remember:

What it’s like to eat fresh peas straight from their pods in the garden;

How to prune my tomato plants for a bumper crop;

How to feed my chilli plants with home-brewed, liquid, chook manure;

How to tie up heavy, fruit-laden branches with an old stocking;

How to prune the roses and the lemon tree.

I remember:

How to cook and prepare a lobster;

How to select the freshest fish;

How to brown the onions, sear the meat and prime my pot for potjiekos;

How to thinly slice home-made biltong into lekker morsels;

How to make curry paste and masala; and

The secret of your pickle fish recipe.

I remember :

How to make a hinge;

How to set a rivet;

How to change the belt on my sewing machine;

How to carve things out of wood;

How to change a tyre and check the oil and water in a car;

Which bait and lure to  use to catch the right fish;

What every tool in your old, toolbox can be used for.

I remember:

To be warm and generous to people;

To respect and learn from the difference between me and others;

To respect animals and the environment and be grateful for what they provide;

To treasure and look after the people I love;

To make the best out of what we’ve got; and

To live for today but crave for tomorrow.

I remember:

How to sing like my heart was breaking;

To dance like the world was clapping along to every beat;

To learn as much as I can at every opportunity;

To stand up for the values, principles and people I believe in;

To be true to myself;

How to breathe…

…and …you!

© 2012 Lenni Morkel-Kingsbury