My colours

      Coloured rhymes with othered, The “other” no one understands Not black or white, In betweenish, but not even. The “left overs” that the man did not care to define too carefully by design. Coloured the word, Enslaved is the history. Forced couplings and sexual assaults, My grandmother’s, mother’s, mother. Herstory, my story, […]


A kept and collected carved leaf stone…some fiddle bits Previous Next

The girl who transitioned from an elephant to a mouse and back again

Previous Next “ Fragments, kept and collected… a memory unravels. …At 10 yrs old she was cast as a baby elephant in a ballet concert and learnt the difference between petite, and short and fat. She remembers longing to be the beautiful, delicate little mouse- If only that 10 year old knew that one day […]

An unopening (hammer and needle)

An unopening… Something not open… Locked down… Isolated… Relocated… Unopen … unhinged… The same… but not the same Familiar but not. …Unopen The time between what was and what’s next A liminal space. Time to rethink… I have a hammer and a needle… Force, disperse, reshape, nurture, mend and repair… I think I can. This […]

Words don’t come easy

Words don’t come easy is a series of works prompted by memories and stories- of people, titles of books, songs, idioms. Based on the idea of talismans (objects that contain magical powers and luck), and narrative jewellery, each piece is inspired by a story about one of  my friends/family/people that I have met who have shared […]


give me wings so i can fly back to when i remember who i used to be