My colours

      Coloured rhymes with othered, The “other” no one understands Not black or white, In betweenish, but not even. The “left overs” that the man did not care to define too carefully by design. Coloured the word, Enslaved is the history. Forced couplings and sexual assaults, My grandmother’s, mother’s, mother. Herstory, my story, […]


Drift (Talismans for the soul) The door is open… The gate too… Still drifting here in the space between… One foot inside the threshold, the other out… Why am I not moving? Everything, absolutely everything… needs to be done yesterday. While everyone tries to clamber their “normal” back Into lives and a world that has […]

No more room

there is no more room in the housefor the things that you makeout of fancy and longingfor a fantasy placesomewhere other than inside your head there’s a representation of an angelthat you say could be youor the very essence of you-nessraising her face to the sun you put her in the garden just out of sightwhere the […]

Growing notes…

She grows best at temperatures around 25 degrees.Any cooler and it’s too hard for her to set down roots.Any warmer and she tends to wilt.So temperate warmth is usually enough for her to flourish. Any cooler and it’s too hard for her to set down roots.But once established she tends to spread herself out, Providing […]

She said…

she said: don’t you like the colour of my eyes? drops of sea-blue-on-a-sunny-day in this ocean of a face, windows of the soul…cold now. painted up like a hans belmer poppet, lips and lips …predictable…uncanny? (you never could explain that concept) uncomfortably familiar? uncomfortably strange?… …numb now, frozen by all this inner gazing. ~ © […]


give me wings so i can fly back to when i remember who i used to be


Henry… …I remember: What it’s like to eat fresh peas straight from their pods in the garden; How to prune my tomato plants for a bumper crop; How to feed my chilli plants with home-brewed, liquid, chook manure; How to tie up heavy, fruit-laden branches with an old stocking; How to prune the roses and […]