Mask… unmasked

I want to say that I am not fine. That all this bravado is bullshit. But you and I both  know that I will not … it’s been a fricking hard 12 months … loss, love, forgetting, distancing, invisibility… but hey… We are all in this together … Unmasking our fear … Unmasking our emotion […]

Stitch-a-hug month ( Craft Cubed Satellite Project 2018)

Craft= presence+expression+connection= homing . Lenni Morkel-Kingsbury Stitch- a- hug 20 July to Aug 31 2018. This project is about slowing down, putting down devices, being mindful of the preciousness of the right now, the people around us, and feeding our souls/ enhancing our lives with creativity and making. I will spend July/August stitching as many […]