Purple Hen House Collection

Textile adornments – The Purple Hen House collection – commercial sales and /or as commissions. Previous Next

Brooch show

Selection of brooches combining handcrafted wool felt , stitching and recycled copper and sterling silver. Previous Next


A collection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings made from silver, copper, handmade recycled paper beads( made from fashion magazines) , thread, hand-carved soap stone, fishing swivels and other found objects. These pieces are inspired by childhood memories of spending time with my dad, while he meticulously selected and prepared fishing lures for our summer holiday […]

Words don’t come easy

Words don’t come easy is a series of works prompted by memories and stories- of people, titles of books, songs, idioms. Based on the idea of talismans (objects that contain magical powers and luck), and narrative jewellery, each piece is inspired by a story about one of  my friends/family/people that I have met who have shared […]

Daisy chain

For me, the daisy chain, represents the people, the flowers who bring the bees and goodness into my life and help me to flourish. They are the flowers I pick and weave into my daisy chain and wear close to my heart.   Daisy Chain Recycled sterling silver and sterling silver fused with copper. Daisy Chain […]

My Precious ( I remember) 2014

My precious (I remember) 2014, is my personal collection of jewels.  Made from fragments… … words : that have something to do with the sentiments and memories of my relationships with others… …images: photographs, reprinted, repurposed, repeated… …kept and collected objects: stuff I hold onto, sometimes just because I like the way they look and […]

Save /delete – Used exhibition

But what is redundant and forgotten, to one person can be treasure to another. The same is true about memory. What I remember about an event and then store in memory is not the same as what another may remember. And when my memory is recalled, the past is overwritten with new data from the […]