Unopened but installed…

The opening of my collection of work, An Unopening ( hammer and needle) that was scheduled for 5pm onwards tonight(28 May) at Corowa Jewellery is postponed due to the COVID pandemic lockdown in Victorian and associated rules and reasons for leaving our homes et al.

However, the work is installed and you can see it if you are in NSW( During Corowa Jewellery regular opening hours). Victorians will just have to wait a little while longer… The work will be in Corowa Jewellery for the month of June.


I really appreciate and am grateful for  all the support, care and checking in I’ve received since yesterday-  so fricking special…such awesomeness and yes I can’t wait to catch up on the other side of it!

Yes … it does suck… it is frustrating… but also …IT IS WHAT IT IS given the COVID pandemic space and time that we live in. I feel extremely fortunate to be where I am at and how placed, in the overall story/situation of the pandemic…no doubt.
The premise for the work is about an unopening – about being in an in-between , liminal space and current circumstances are well… they are amplifying that.
If you are in NSW and would like to go see it during open hours at Corowa Jewellery… and if you feel you want to chat, talk about celebrate it, give me feedback, buy stuff like you might do at an opening event… you still can.
Get in touch this week even… if you like… I can do remote chats…🤓
OR when this lockdown is over I can meet you over in Corowa for a cuppa and a look see and chat.There may even be a rescheduled “opening” event … 

Image above: Sisters (doing it for themselves) 2021. Co-created with my sister Philena Morkel- making do(ing), beads from scraps and tangles during lockdowns and being unopen et al.