Embracing the space between

Potential,becoming, being- gathering tales that bring learning and change Last week I attended the Regional Arts Australia Artlands conference. ( thank you for the participation grant Regional Arts Australia and Regional Arts Victoria) The conference theme this year was the space between. There were many sensational discussions and presentations about this idea and theme= particularly […]

She is… repurposed, upcycled, recycled

Some of the necklaces, earrings and brooches from my An unopening ( needle and hammer) collection are back home on the Victorian side of the border and available for purchase via my online store. Go to Shop in menu. Handcrafted with repurposed, upcycled, recycled metals and textiles.

Border mail

Many thanks to Jodie O’Sullivan and The Border Mail for this great article. My collection of adornments An unopening (hammer and needle) is  available at Corowa Jewellery, Sanger Street COROWA NSW. Mon – Fri 9-5pm and Sat 9 -12pm.

Unopened but installed…

The opening of my collection of work, An Unopening ( hammer and needle) that was scheduled for 5pm onwards tonight(28 May) at Corowa Jewellery is postponed due to the COVID pandemic lockdown in Victorian and associated rules and reasons for leaving our homes et al. However, the work is installed and you can see it […]

An unopening (hammer and needle)

An unopening… Something not open… Locked down… Isolated… Relocated… Unopen … unhinged… The same… but not the same Familiar but not. …Unopen The time between what was and what’s next A liminal space. Time to rethink… I have a hammer and a needle… Force, disperse, reshape, nurture, mend and repair… I think I can. This […]

Mask… unmasked

I want to say that I am not fine. That all this bravado is bullshit. But you and I both  know that I will not … it’s been a fricking hard 12 months … loss, love, forgetting, distancing, invisibility… but hey… We are all in this together … Unmasking our fear … Unmasking our emotion […]

Purple Hen House Collection

Textile adornments – The Purple Hen House collection – commercial sales and /or as commissions. Previous Next

Stitch-a-hug month ( Craft Cubed Satellite Project 2018)

Craft= presence+expression+connection= homing . Lenni Morkel-Kingsbury Stitch- a- hug 20 July to Aug 31 2018. This project is about slowing down, putting down devices, being mindful of the preciousness of the right now, the people around us, and feeding our souls/ enhancing our lives with creativity and making. I will spend July/August stitching as many […]

Brooch show

Selection of brooches combining handcrafted wool felt , stitching and recycled copper and sterling silver. Previous Next