Talismans for the soul

Every piece of jewellery tells a story. Jewellery embodies the tale its maker wants to share and creates new dialogues with wearer and viewer alike.

Objects kept and collected, semi precious stones,  driftwood, songs I sing in my head that remind me of people and places, pebbles from beaches once travelled, totems of place, grounding, belonging, memory and story are ascribed with secret text … messages of hope, discovery and joy for passage through liminal spaces of transition and uncertainty. Intention at every stage of the process of making to embue objects with positive energy.  I invite you to select pieces that resonate – connecting through memory and story and/or unconscious needs that you might wear and use to promote self-discovery, self-expression and self-love. Designed to be worn to inspire you on your journey of a life filled with great stories.

The how...


I use recycled sterling silver, copper, brass and aluminium. Creating each piece through manual processes. Some objects are hand cast from recycled scaps of silver, cold connected with hand made rivets or soldered. Bezels,  wire cages,  hollow form “message” boxes,  signature chains and connections are all hand created. Each piece is truely unique to itself and the energy of story that it contains.

Talismans for the soul adornments

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