Flowers for Oberon, (Castlemaine State Festival), 2017

Exhibition March 17-26 , 2017, Castlemaine State Festival, Open studios.

“ I love flowers for their treachery
their fragile bodies grace my imagination’s avenues
without their presence my mind would be an unmarked grave
~Etel Adan~

Oberon was my Burmese cat, my muse.
He died from renal failure after ingesting lilies given to me at the opening of my first exhibition.

Positioned between adornment, object and the performative,  this work explores this story: memories of love and death; beauty and betrayal;foolishness and folly.

He loves me, he loves meant ( The fairy’s lullaby) 

Enamoured with an ass ( Titania’s visions) 2016.

Artist talks: video