A collection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings made from silver, copper, handmade recycled paper beads( made from fashion magazines) , thread, hand-carved soap stone, fishing swivels and other found objects.

These pieces are inspired by childhood memories of spending time with my dad, while he meticulously selected and prepared fishing lures for our summer holiday camp and fishing trips. I would watch dad pack each lure into their own separate carry compartments in his fishing tackle box.  I was fascinated  by their shapes, colour and textures and by dad’s stories and explanations of how each lure could attract, trick  and catch different types of fish.

A lure …something that tempts or is used to tempt a person or animal to do something.  Fishing lures use movement, vibration, colour and flashes of light to attract and bait fish.They are imitations – designed to entice, trick and conceal their true intention.

These pieces are imitations of imitations. Rather than use fishing lures and fishing tackle to make these pieces, I have reconstructed shapes thatare suggestive of fishing lures and of  memories of my dad’s fishing lures.

This  imitation of the actual object emphasises the power of attraction  that objects have for us, as carriers  of memory. The object itself is not the memory but a representation of it, and our memory of past events in present are recreations, imitations of the actual event. Memories, like adornments conceal, distract,  trick and entice.