My creative practice

My creative practice is intentional…porous…elastic…holistic…performative… lived.
It’s connected to mental health and wellbeing, spirituality,ways of living/becoming.

I explore interconnections between conceptions and expressions of self (identity, memory, story) and the world (culture, ecosystems, ontologies). Via my creative practice I aim to empathise, uncover/unlearn and create space and opportunities for dialogue, connection, compassion and positive social action and outcomes.

My creative practice encompasses visual art, craft, design (including digital/online/hybrid social learning), craftivism, poetry, writing, performance, organic growning/permaculture, music.

Creativity is a process that helps me to uncover/unlearn discover and reconnect. I am on a personal journey of learning to unlearn things  used to frame my identity as ” something other/less than” and relearning how to voice the absent, embrace the space between and reconnect with new possibilities. My creative practice also enables me to connect, collaborate and cocreate with others to affect positive change for people, the environment and local communities.

Sometimes the thing that I make, design, grow or do turns out to be an object that others can wear and some people call it jewellery or adornment … sometimes the object is me via performance or performative processes…sometimes it is something that people use for social learning or to communicate interesting concepts or to encourage compassion and action towards social justice...sometimes it prompts discussion and/or action: to comfort, to shift, to irritate, to challenge. …sometimes it is just about being and becoming….sometimes people call it craft /craftivism/art.