My creative practice

Through my creative practice, I explore boundaries between self and the world. I find opportunities to connect/reconnect memory, emotions, identity and make sense of everyday happenings. I also look for opportunities to discover/uncover different stories, actions and possibilities for the future.

I consciously avoid categorisations offered by title, type and classifications.

…I am neither jeweller nor textile artist …neither illustrator nor weaver … neither sculptor nor mixed media artist …neither artist nor designer…

I make, design, grow and do things.

Making is more than a process. It’s about reconnecting with self and the world around me through some “slow time”. 

It’s about taking time to;

…embrace being vulnerable and being comfortable with the unknown
…empathise, reconnect and make connections with new possibilities
…celebrate and give voice to different and new stories and generate opportunities for action and change.

Materials and process

Positioned somewhere between object, adornment and the performative I design and create objects using recycled, repurposed, reused, found, kept collected, vintage or discarded/used materials. This includes metal, fabric, fibre, paper, seeds, pebbles, stone and other organic materials, as well as text and voice.

My process, like my choice of materials, is inspired by “making do(ing)” and story telling/sharing

…Sometimes I start with an object that someone has given me, or stuff that I’ve found or collected – a pebble, a string of discarded, broken beads,  a scrap of metal or wire, a remnant of fabric, moth cocoons, a handful of threads that I’ve collected in the scrap bowl on my workbench. 

…Sometimes I  start with a snippet of a conversation, something I’ve heard or read, song lyric earworms, something observed in the garden or out in nature,  an emotion – everyday happenings.

I play and experiment, remix, repurpose, upcycle, do over 

…until a form, feeling or story (even just a sentence) emerges. 

Possibility and then persistence …openness and iteration …divergence and convergence …

I draw on a wide range of techniques, processes and skills focusing on hand crafting including: sculpting, metalwork, sewing, felting, crocheting, weaving, stitching , drawing and performance.

Sometimes the thing that I make turns out to be an object that others can wear and some people call it jewellery … sometimes the thing that I make  is something that can be used to prompt discussion and/or action: to comfort, to shift, to irritate, to challenge and some people call it craft or art … sometimes the object is me via performance….my aim is always to connect/discover and uncover/reconnect.